GDFRA Law 15 Quiz "Throw-In"

correct on first try

Answer the questions below.  How many can you get right on the first try?

  1. Can you score directly from a throw-in? 
  2. Where do you take a throw-in? 
  3. Can your foot or feet be touching the touch line during the throw-in
  4. If a player taking the throw-in runs onto the field and kicks the ball before anyone else touches the ball how will you restart play? 
  5. Can a opponent of the thrower stand in from him during a throw-in and jump up and down and wave his arms while the throw-in is taking place?   
  6. When does the ball become in play during the throw-in? 
  7. Can the goal keeper receive a throw-in from a team mate using his hands?  
  8. Can the goal keeper received a throw-in from a team mate using his feet?: 
  9. Can the goal keeper receive the ball outside the penalty area then dribble the ball back into the penalty area and then use his hands?  

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