GDFRA Law 5 Quiz "Referee"


correct on first try

Answer the questions below.  How many can you get right on the first try?

  1. Referees should arrive at the field how many minutes before the match? 
  2. Should the referee crew wear the same colour shirts? 
  3. Who is the official timekeeper for the match? 
  4. Who is the official record keeper of the match? 
  5. If a player commits more than one offence at the same time what should the referee do?   
  6. When does the referee have authority of the match? 
  7. Can the referee take action against team officials who fail to conduct themselves in a responsible manner?  
  8. When can a referee overrule an assistant referee?: 
  9. When can a referee change his decision?  
  10. Can the referee stop, suspend, or terminate the match because of outside interference? 

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