GDFRA Law 8 Quiz "Start and Restart of Play"

correct on first try

Answer the questions below.  How many can you get right on the first try?

  1. The team that wins the coin toss gets a choice of: 
  2. At kick-off the defending team must: 
  3. When does the referee put the ball in play? 
  4. Does the ball have to be stationary on the centre mark at kick off? 
  5. If the ball is put in play and the kicker touches the ball a second time before anyone else does, what happens?   
  6. What direction does the ball have to travel on a kick off?  
  7. Can a goal be scored on a kick off?  
  8. Can a goal be scored on a drop ball?: 
  9. If a player touches the ball before it hits the ground during a drop ball the restart will be:  
  10. If the referee blew his whistle and there was no foul how should the match be restarted? 

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