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Watering Assessment

Look at the picture above and answer the following questions:

(1)  Should the player receive a Red Card for serious foul play, or should he receive a Yellow Card for unsporting behaviour?

(2)  Is he as a substitute, creating an unsafe playing condition by watering the area adjacent the touch line?

(3)  Has he got confused between a 'throw in' and a 'pee in'?

(4)  Is the ball wholly over the touch line?

(5)  If a player can get sent off for a 'two footed tackle', what does this player get for 'two fingers on his tackle'?

I'll look forward to your answers and also welcome any other questions you may raise that may help us improve our Referee's Course to the point where any young Referee who sees this type of behaviour knows exactly the course of action he or she should take.





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