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GDFRA hopes all members enjoy the 2023 season.

No Smoking at any Grounds


SEASON 2023 RESOURCESReferee Cards and Whistle 


For GDFRA Members - Everything you need for the 2023 season in one place !

Just click on the relevant link below for the latest information, online and offline documents. 

1.   Send-Off and Incident Reports

2.    "How did I do ?" (feedback handout document)

3.    Referee Feedback Form

3B.    Assistant Referee Feedback Form

3C.    Feedback on Officials (Coaches) Behaviour

4.    EMS (Electronic Match Sheets) Instructions

5.    DRIBL Appointments System Instructional Videos

(a)    Attaching to Games #1

(b)    Attaching to Games #2

(c)    Blocking - Video #1

(d)    Blocking - Video #2

(e)    Blocking - Video #3

(f)    Schedule #1 (Accepting Appointments)

(g)   Schedule #2 (Declining an Appointment)

(h)   Schedule #3 (Verifying completed games)

6.    Assessment and Mentoring Request Form

7.    Referee Equipment Online Ordering (Elite)

10.  FIFA Analysis of Match Situations - Considerations

11.  Handball Decision Flowchart

12.  DOGSO or SPA Decision Process Flowchart

13.  DOGSO or SPA Sanction Selection

14.  Members Handbook


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