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GDFRA hopes all members enjoy the 2020 season. Don't forget to read up on the new law changes for 2020.

No Smoking at any Grounds


The history of soccer in Granville commenced in 1882.  The Granville Football Association was formed in 1902 and  celebrated it's 100 years of operation in 2002.  The Referees’ Association was formed 1908 and celebrated its 100 years of operations and service to Football in 2008. 

We are proud to be referees of the world game and service Granville District Soccer Football Association. The Association strives to maintain a high standard of refereeing in the Granville District area.   We ensure that all our Referees  are fully qualified and have exceptional, up to date knowledge of The Laws of the Game.   GDFRA strongly support Referees' Development. 

Our aim is to recruit, retain and continuously develop sufficient qualified referees to meet the current and future needs of the game.  We wish to raise the quality, status and benefits of refereeing, for the good of Members and in the interests of the game.
Refereeing can be an exciting and challenging position providing you with the best seat in the game.  So whether your wanting to give back something to the sport you love, earn some extra pocket money or have ambitions of refereeing local, State, National or International levels, this is where you can start.

Refereeing is not just about knowing the Laws of the Game, but also applying them correctly, understanding how the game unfolds, player management and your own personality.  It also helps to develop lift skills and confidence, maintains and improves fitness levels without the bumps and bruises that players sustain.  If you are interested in becoming a referee please contact our secretary by emailing

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at Merrylands Bowling and Sporting Club Oxford Street, Merrylands.

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