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GDFRA hopes all members enjoy the 2020 season. Don't forget to read up on the new law changes for 2020.

No Smoking at any Grounds

 Note: The next General Meeting will be held at the Merrylands Bowling and Recreation Club, Oxford Street, Merrylands on Monday 31st August 2020 starting at 7.30 pm.  GDFRA will continue to be a proactive Referee's Association who are continuously developing qualified and experienced referees for the future of the game.


GDFRA - 112 years supporting Referees' Development.  Our aim is to recruit, retain and continuously develop sufficient qualified referees to meet the current and future needs of the game.  We wish to raise the quality, status and benefits of refereeing, for the good of Members and in the interests of the game. 

The next meeting is a General Meeting which will be held at the Merrylands Bowling and Recreation Club starting at 7.30 pm on Monday 31st August 2020.  There will be no Junior Meeting but the TSC will present their usual education session.  A reminder that Members under the age of 18 are not permitted to wander throughout the Club and are to remain in the room.




Season 2020 Resources

Referee's Performance Feedback Form            FIFA Educational Training Material

2018 LOTG Amendments Video              Laws of the Game History

2017 LOTG Amendments Video

LOTG 2017/2018 Modifications Presentation to the Laws of the Game Changes 2019/20

LOTG 2017/2018 - Law Changes Summary  Practical Guidelines for Match Officials 2019/20


Activities To Remember - August 2020

GDFRA Important Dates 

General Meeting - Monday 31st August 2020 from 7.30 pm at the Merryland Bowling and Recreatioon Club, Oxford Street, Merrylands.

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