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Our Goal is Fair Play" 


General Pre - Match Instructions

What is the referee going to say, well it may go along these lines :-

Your Station:- would you please do left or right wings / backs.
(normally the referee will have a preference).

Offside:- normally the referee would say to his assistants that all offsides are their responsibility. He will look for their flag at all times, hopefully I will see it every time, if I don’t then hold it until either I have seen you or the danger has passed.

Throw – ins:- this is usually split into three sections. The section closest to you, you make the decision and the ref will go with you. In the middle third, look at the referee and go the same way, sometimes you may not be sure, you then lead giving a positive signal. In the referees third then go with the referee and indicate direction all the way down the line.

Corners:- some referees may not want a flag for a corner, if the ball has clearly gone out of play for a corner, they may say just run around the flag on to the goal-line. If it is contentious then lets have a flag. Before the kick is taken make sure that the ball is spotted correctly. The referee may also ask you to stay behind the corner flag or to come in on corners, dependant on which side the corner is from.

Goal-kicks:- again the referee may say I don’t want a flag, just go level with the goal area and turn your back on the goal line, if this is the case he will then only require a flag for contentious decisions. Make sure the ball is correctly placed inside the goal area before it is kicked. Having made sure it is correctly placed then get up with the second rear most defender and watch for the offsides.

Free kicks:- in your area of the pitch please referee as though you were the referee, you know what a foul is (you should do, or you should not be there). Give the referee your assistance, he cant see everything and you could help him out of a spot.

Penalties:- these are always contentious, but you will know it is a penalty, it hits you smack bang in the centre of the chest and you don’t have to think about it, it is instinct.  Referees all have different thoughts on penalties, some may want a flag straight away, some may say wave your flag until eye contact is made, then indicate.  Your duties are then to act as goal judge and watch encroachment by the goal keeper.

Goalkeepers:- pass backs, parrying the ball, six second rule, throw in back to keeper, usually the referee will want to take care of all of these. What the referee may ask you to do is to monitor the keeper, that when distributing the ball, they do not carry the ball out of the penalty area.

Substitutions:- please take the names of the substitutes out with you from the team sheets. No name! No substitute!. All subs to take place at the half way line, and make sure the player leaves the field before the other player enters.

Seniority:- once decided which assistant is the most senior, this assistant must be prepared to take over in the referee gets injured. All preparations as per the referee must be done in the event of a replacement having to take place.

Time Signals:- At the end of each half the referee may ask for a time signal just to let him know that we are getting close to time. However, the final whistle will be at his discretion.

Technical Area:- League and Competition rules stipulate how many people are allowed in this area. The senior assistant or 4th official may be asked to patrol & control this area. If something occurs which cannot be handled by the assistants, the referee should be called to rectify the matter.

Confrontations:- Stay back and observe which player is responsible for what. You are there to assist me.  Watch for instigators and the "peace maker" who runs forty yards to "calm things down".

Finally:- The most important thing is to enjoy the match.  An official who is nervous is less likely to be in control.  Do your best and work as a team.

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