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GDFRA hopes all members enjoy the 2020 season. Don't forget to read up on the new law changes for 2020.

No Smoking at any Grounds

Referees Wanted!



Referees Courses are run throughout the year.  You must be at least 13 years old to become a referee.  Please contact GDFRA for when the next one will be conducted or click on the next course button.

Next Referees Course

For information contact Joe Rovella: 0400195210 or secretary@gdfra.org.au



Here is your chance to:

Ball Bullet 

be a football (soccer) referee

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learn the ‘real’ laws of soccer

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be a better coach or manager

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be a complete player  


Pre-requisite Level 4 Online Course - cover all the Laws of Football:

The 17 Laws

1. The Field of Play
2. The Ball
3. ThePlayers
4. The Players' Equipment
5. The Referee
6. The Other Match Officials
7. The Duration of the Match
8. The Start and Restart of Play
9. The Ball In and Out of Play
10. Determining the Outcome of a Match
11. Offside
12. Fouls and Misconduct
13. Free Kicks
14. The Penalty Kick
15. The Throw-In
16. The Goal Kick
17. The Corner Kick

Sessions 1, 2 & 3 - Level 4 Modules.           

Working through and completion of modules in the Level 4 program.

Session 3 - Practical session covering positioning, signaling, use of flags, appointments and Granville District Soccer Football Association Rules and Procedures.

Note: To complete a Level 4 Referee's Course you must pass the online course and complete all the modules together with the practical session.  It is expected that candidates study their law books and ask relevant questions when any points of the Level 4 Course are not understood.  

Attending the course and listening will not be enough.


For Referees wishing to upgrade their theory to Level 3, Level 2 and Level 1 please contact the secretary: Joe Rovella on 0400195210 or email secretary@gdfra.org.au

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