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GDFRA hopes all members enjoy the 2020 season. Don't forget to read up on the new law changes for 2020.

No Smoking at any Grounds


Note: To download the report or document you wish to view please click on the Word Document, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF Symbol, Google Symbol or Internet Explorer Symbol.  To submit reports electronically (via e-mail) direct to the Judiciary Delegate click on the Internet Explorer Symbol.

NewFNSW Insurance Program   FNSW Injury Claim and Risk Protection Details
Annual Report 2016   Annual Report - 2016 Document
GDFRA 2016 Membership Application   GDFRA 2016 Membership Form
2016 Finals Series Procedures   Procedures and Information on the 2016 Finals Series
GDFRA Member Appointments Policy   GDFRA Member Appointments Policy Details
GDFRA Member Ranking Policy   GDFRA Member Ranking Policy Details
GDFRA Constitution - 2014   GDFRA Constitution Document - 2014
Annual Report - 2015   Annual Report - 2015 Document
GDSFA and GDFRA Local Requirements MS PowerPoint Logo  Local District Requirements
2014 GDFRA Members Handbook   2014 Handbook for Members
Referees Evaluation 2014   Referees Evaluation Form
Referees How Did I Do Form   How Did I Do Form - Handout to Coaches and Managers
Asessment and/or Mentoring Request Google Logo  Asessment/Mentoring Request Form
Football Federation Australia Referees Log Book   FFA Officials Log Book
GDFRA Constitution - 2008   GDFRA Constitution Document (Modified September 2008)
Caution and Send Off Codes for use in GDSFA Games  Details of GDSFA Caution and Send Off Codes
Football NSW Constitution   Constitution - Football NSW
Football NSW By Laws   By Laws - Football NSW
Referee Report Writing   Information On Referee Report Writing
Working With Children Check Consent   Working With Children Check Consent Form
Prohibited Employment Declaration Child Protection   Prohibited Employment Declaration Form
Granville Games Payment Claim   Granville Games Payment Claim Form
Other Games Payment Claim   Other Games Payment Claim Form
Committee Position Nomination   Committee Nomination Form
AGM Proxy   AGM Proxy Form
Annual Report - 2013   Annual Report - 2013 Document
Annual Report - 2012   Annual Report - 2012 Document
Annual Report - 2011   Annual Report - 2011 Document
Annual Report - 2010   Annual Report - 2010 Document
Annual Report - 2009   Annual Report - 2009 Document
Annual Report - 2008   Annual Report - 2008 Document
Annual Report - 2007   Annual Report - 2007 Document
Annual Report - 2006   Annual Report - 2006 Document
Annual Report - 2005   Annual Report - 2005 Document
Annual Report - 2004   Annual Report - 2004 Document
Annual Report - 2003   Annual Report - 2003 Document
Annual Report - 2002   Annual Report - 2002 Document

Football Field with Bouncing Ball

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